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Activity log – Week #1

Posted in Profile Manager System by scprofile on May 31, 2008


The week I’ve done some light research on the ConfigurationService and the FileAccessService and I’ve found that two files are called by other services (JmfDeviceDetector and the MetaContactListService) and the access to the main config file (sip-communicator.xml) is written directly in the method : ConfigurationServiceImpl.createConfigurationFile().

I also work on the profile manager storage system.
A profile is defined by :

  • an ID
  • a name : for example Damien or Emil
  • a path : where the data of the profile will be stored.
    This path might be enter by the user or generated automatically using this scheme :

    • XXXXX : is the date in hexadecimal in uppercase
    • name : is the name of the profile in lowercase

Here is an example of the future profile.xml file.

    <lastProfile value="1" />
    <useDefault value="true" />
        <profile id="1">
            <name value="default" />
            <path value="/home/damien/.sip-communicator/SC.A12F3.default" />
        <profile id="2">
            <name value="Damien" />
            <path value="/home/damien/SC/profile" />

The first value store the last profile used
The second one define if we need to ask for a profile or use the default one (ie the last profile used)
Then the list of the profiles. A field which store the next id might be add.

Today I will begin the implementation of the new Service and more specifically on the methods to read this file and  keep it updated.


First post

Posted in Uncategorized by scprofile on May 31, 2008

Hello everybody,

My project is to develop a profile manager for SIP Communicator under the Google Summer of Code 2008.

I was quite busy with the end of the semester : end of projects, the oral presentation of my previous SIP Communicator project and now the near exams.

You can find a description of my work on the link section. Here is the url :

I will be mentored by Pavel Tankov.

On the right, I will add a roadmap for the projet.