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Project Roadmap

In the current version

  • Done Exploring the configuration service and the file access service.
  • DoneTracking methods who might be updated

Profile Manager

  • Done Define the profile’s data
  • Done Create a file to store profiles data: current profile, use a default profile, profile’s list
  • Done Create a new service to manage the profiles
    • Done Methods to get data
    • Done Methods to keep the file up to date
  • Done Set the service as a system bundle

Profile Manager GUI

  • Done Create a plug-in to manage the profiles.
  • Create a first panel who list the profiles stored on the computer
    This dialog will be able to :

    • Done Open another dialog to create a profile
    • Done Edit a profile name
    • Done Delete a profile

    Still need to do :

    • Design
    • Select a profile for the next session
  • Done Create another dialog to create a new profile
  • Done Insert the first dialog in the configuration form
  • Create a frame in the SC launcher to select (if needed a profile) which include the first panel
    Problems :

    • Design : not the same theme
    • Design : align the widgets
    • System : populate the list

31-05 : This is a first idea of the roadmap. It might be updated if another thing need to be done.

Last update : 26/06


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