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SIP-Communicator stores your personnal information such as your accounts, contacts and settings in several files, this is called your user profile. The latter is stored in a different place from the installation directory of SIP-Communicator.

What is a profile ?

Any changes made during your use of SIP-Communicator are stored in files in order to recharge them at your next use. These changes may be parameters such as the position of the main window, the font and color used while writing messages, … But these changes also include information like your history, your accounts and contacts. All these changes are stored in files in the directory of your profile.

These files are stored separately in the installation directory of SIP-Communicator. This means that you can uninstall SIP-Communicator without risk of losing your settings, and if something went wrong during an update for example, your information is still intact. It also means that you do not need to reinstall SIP-Communicator to delete your information, and even if you encounter a problem with your profile.

If you are sharing a copy of SIP-Communicator with other users, you can use profiles to keep each user’s information separate. To do this, each user should create his or her own profile. If you are the only person, you must have at least one profile, but you can create multiple profiles for yourself to store different sets of settings and preferences. For example, you may want to have separate profiles for business and personal use.

How to find your profile ?

Your profile can be stored in the default sip-communicator folder, or in a folder that you chose.

1. Open SC

2. Go to config window

3. select profil and clic info

4. Use explorateur and go to the directory

Make changes to your profile

Start the profile manager

Creating a profile

Renaming a profile

Removing a profile


Don’t ask at startup

Moving a profile


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